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Monteriggioni (Province of Siena) 8 Bedrooms Sleeps 7/10/12/15 Withdraw from the fuss of modern society and enjoy the grandeur of 18th century Italy. This   gracious   villa   is   lavishly   furnished   with   18th   and   19th   century   antiques,   candelabra   and paintings. The   gardens   have   small   topiarian   trees,   rose   arbours,   palm   and   lemon   trees   and   a   profusion   of colourful   flowers.   The   swimming   pool   is   in   its   own   hedged   garden   offering   privacy   from   the villa   and   the   rest   of   the   gardens.   The   spacious   and   well   appointed   rooms   are   spread   over   three floors with high ceilings and lovely verandas. Three hours cleaning, three times each week is included in the rental. Villa   Il   Termine   is   very   easy   to   fìnd.   It   is   located   on   a   sealed   road   at   a   distance   of   only   5   km from    the    connection    of    major    roads    leading    to    Florence,    Siena,    Volterra,    San    Gimignano, Monteriggioni, etc. Colle   Val   d'Elsa   is   close   for   all   immediate   needs.   It   has   a   lower   and   upper   part.   The   lower, modem   town   is   full   of   shops   selling   locally   made   crystal.   The   upper   town   is   of   great   medieval, architectural interest. FOR 7 PEOPLE: From   a   porticoed   terrace,   entrance   is   into   outer   and   inner   halls   leading   to   all   the   public   rooms. Comfortably   furnished   drawing   room   with   doors   to   the   garden.   Smaller   television   room.   A spacious   dining   room   with   doors   to   the   garden.   Breakfast   room.   Large   country   style   kitchen with gas coocker, oven, fridge and dishwasher. Cloakroom/wc. On    the    fìrst    floor    is    a    spacious    twin    bedded    room    with    en    suite    bathroom.    wc,    washing mashine,   etc,   both   having   access   to   a   veranda.   One   other   double   and   one   twin   bedded   room with adjacent bathroom, wc, etc. A pretty single room. FOR UP TO 15 PEOPLE: On   the   second   floor   are   one   double   room   with   en   suite   bathroom   and   one   twin   bedded   room with   sink   unit,   both   leading   onto   a   veranda.   Other   two   twin   bedded   rooms   each   with   sink   unit. Adjacent bathroom.
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