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Welcome     to     "Villa     il     Termine".     One     of     tuscany's     finest     villas.     From     its atmosphere    of    peace    and    relaxation,    sample    the    flavours    of    this    beautiful country. Looking for Tuscan villa holidays ? We have the perfect place for you!! Inside   the   area   of   farmhouse   rental   in   Tuscany,   very   close   to   Monteriggioni, there is a Tuscan villa ready for your summer holiday. "Il   Termine",   the   best   in   Tuscan   villa   vacation   rentals,   is   close   to   the   main   road leading    to    Siena    and    Florence,    is    few    km.    away    from    Volterra    and    San Gimignano and only 5 km. from Monteriggioni. A   three   storied   luxurious   family   country   house   for   many   generations,   it   has recently      been      changed      into      a      Tuscan      villa      vacation      rentals      with accommodation   for   15   people,   big   bedrooms,   bathrooms,   sitting   rooms,   dining room   and   kitchen,   plus   a   huge   garden   and   swimming   pool,   it   is   the   real   dream come    true    Villa    Tuscany    in    Monteriggioni,    with    a    confortable    outside    area, swimming   pool   and   garden   it   is   the   perfect   place   for   lazy   summer   Tuscan   villa holidays. This   Tuscan   villa   is   close   to   handy   supermarkets,   restaurants,   sport   facilities and art cities and is the  best suggestion for Tuscan villa vacation rentals. Immerse    yourself    in    medieval    history    and    spend    time    in    a    villa    Tuscany Monteriggioni. A superb idea for those who desire a holiday with style. Enjoy yourselves
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